Guros stuffed baked potatoes

Guro's stuffed baking potatoes taste great on their own, as a light evening dish, lunch dish or as a delicious accompaniment to meat dishes, such as steak. 6 Baking Potatoes Some Neutral Oil Salt and Pepper 4Continue reading "Guro Stuffed Baking Potatoes"

Long-fried lamb roast

Long-roasted lamb roast is a classic, but the accessories in this recipe are not as common. When I use meat that is not naturally tender, I like to roast it for a long time. Continue reading "Long-roasted lamb roast"


Basturma also called pastirma, pastarma, pastourma, basdirma and basterma is a delicious piece of cured meat from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, North Macedonia, Turkey, My youngest son and Continue reading "Basturma"

Pickled shallots

I have tried to pickle shallots a few times, with varying degrees of success, but with this recipe the onions become a lovely accompaniment to both meat and fish. Shallots 1 part white wine vinegar 2 Continue reading "Pickled shallots"

Beef bourguignon

Boeuf bourguignon is lovely traditional French food, with lots of flavor and tender meat after a long cooking time in red wine and stock. 225 g bacon in strips or use small dish bacon. 1.5 kg clean-cut sirloin Continue reading "Boeuf bourguignon"

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