Perfect rib

Perfect ribs are a bit of a special challenge at our house. I HAVE to cook the ribs to get the oil and my husband HAS to have crispy ribs. I followed a recipe once, to get crispy edges on the cooked ribs, with a popcorn effect as a result. Almost all the swear was stuck to the top of the stove and there it was not very useful. Fortunately, we have pyrolysis, so after one round of that, the swear was turned into gray ash, which could be easily removed.

After this we have bought and laid two ribs every Christmas. Here is the recipe for the perfect rib with crispy ribs.




1/2 liter of water

1/2 ltr dark beer

1 garlic, divided into cloves

2 star anise

1 chopped carrot

5 nellikspiker

1 cinnamon bark piece

2 onions in boats

Here's how you do it:

Rub in the ribs with salt on the swear, and salt and pepper on the other side.

Let the ribs lie cold for three days, with the swear side up, covered with plastic wrap.

Make sure that there is no pepper on the side of the sword, as burnt pepper is not good.

Let the ribs lie for an hour at room temperature before frying. Put it in a long pan with the sliver side up, add water and beer.

Add garlic, star anise, carrot, cloves, cinnamon stick and onion.

Place a small ball of crumpled aluminum foil under the ribs so that the power drains off. Wrap the long pan with several layers of aluminum foil so that it is completely tight. Steam rib for 45 minutes at 240 degrees on hot air. Remove the ribs and remove the aluminum foil, set the oven at 85 degrees with top and bottom heat. Fry the ribs for 6 hours. One hour before the ribs are to be ready, set the oven at 240 degrees and hot air, then you should get a nice crispy crust. Remove the ribs when the sliver is ready, let the ribs rest before serving.

Of course, a perfect rib needs good accessories and you can find that HERE .

Perfect rib
Perfect rib

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