Thai wraps with chicken

Tortilla lips can be used for more than tacos and here you have a variant with a Thai taste. This recipe is suitable for 2 pers.

2 kyllingbryst i strimler

1 finhakket løk

1 pose Paneng red curry eller en annen wok-saus du liker

8 minitomater, delt i 4

1/2 agurk i strimler

Slightly finely shredded salad

Fresh coriander

1/2 lime i båter

Fry chicken and onion in a little oil. Add the bag of wok sauce. Let it cook for a few minutes.


1 dl yoghurt

1/2 cm hvitløk fra tube

1/2 lime, kun saften

Heat the tortillas in foil in the oven at 150 degrees for 15-30 minutes.

Place the tortilla on a plate. Spread the chicken mixture over, along with the salt, cucumber and tomato. Sprinkle some dressing on top and some coriander leaves.

Roll up and enjoy yourself. Served with a lime boat.




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