Tapas in Norwegian

Tapas in Norwegian, tastes good and can be varied according to taste and mood. Tapas is originally the Spanish name for many Spanish small dishes. They have an equivalent in the East, but then it's called "dim sum". In the Arab countries around the Mediterranean, they also have local small dishes, but then they are called "meze". I often make all three of these variants, but I also think it is exciting to have a Norwegian variant sometimes.

Here I have used sauna-smoked lamb sausages with bear onions and herbs, but you can also use one of the other exciting sausage varieties that have appeared in recent years. In addition, I have made my own shrimp salad. You can find the recipe HERE.

I have used various Norwegian cured meats and cheese from Eiker Farm Systeri. The meatballs are made from moose dough, and you can find the recipe for them HERE.

I have also made cranberry sour cream, which you can find the recipe for HERE.

Boat potatoes taste good and you make them easily by dripping a little olive oil in a long pan, divide the potatoes into boats, put them in the long pan, add salt and pepper, drizzle over a little more oil and put them in the oven at full blast. When they start to get a little color, turn down to 200 degrees and let them fry until they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Serve tapas in Norwegian with good bread and a fresh salad.

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