Salted lamb shank

After my mother moved to Sørlandet many years ago, salted lamb thighs became a natural part of our Christmas breakfast. I've become really fond of it. It is served cold, with boiled kohlrabi.

You buy the thigh finished salted from the butcher, who has had the thigh for 4 weeks in brine of approx. 4 degrees.

If the leg of lamb is lightly salted, it should not be diluted, but if it is brine, it should be diluted for 24 hours. After the water has been drained, it should be boiled for as many hours as the thigh is in kilos (3 kilos = 3 hours). When the thigh is cooked, store it in the boiling water. The kohlrabi is divided into four and boiled in the lamb broth until tender. The thigh and kohlrabi are divided into slices and serve with a good mustard.