Bacalao is found in many varieties in many countries of the world. In Portugal, they have a bacalao recipe for every day of the year. The recipe below is one of the most common variants in Norway and is easy to make. A number of shops sell ready-watered cuttlefish, but if you are going to water it yourself, you can calculate that the weight increases by approx. 35%. The recipe is suitable for 4 people.

800 g utvannet klippfisk i 2 cm. skiver

8 løk, i 1/2 cm skiver

8 poteter, i 1/2 cm skiver

1 rød chili, finhakket

2 grillede paprika (fås hermetisert på glass), strimlet

3 fedd hvitløk, grovhakket

1 glass soltørka tomater i biter

2 bokser hakkede tomater, helst Mutti

Ev. some water

3 laurbærblader

20 oliven

Salt and pepper

2 ss finhakket bladpersille

Water the cuttlefish according to the instructions on the package. Clean it of skin and bones, if it has any and cut it into slices.

Place onions, potatoes, garlic, paprika strips, sun-dried tomatoes (including the oil they are in) and fish in layers in a pan. Add bay leaves, chilli, olives, tomatoes and olive oil and bring to a boil. If it seems too dry, you can add a little water. Put the lid on and let the bacalao simmer for approx. 1 hour. Check that the potatoes are fully cooked and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with parsley and serve the bacalao either alone or with good bread.



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