Carpaccio is made from raw meat. If you do not like raw meat, or do not get hold of, you can use roast beef.

Carpaccio is a lovely starter and can be varied according to mood and imagination. The important thing is that the meat is of good quality. This time I have asked Meny to cut ready-made beef slices for me. Then I get it distributed on plastic sheets, which are suitable for one person. I calculate approx. 100 g per person.

Thin slices of good quality beef


Parmesan slices


Good quality olive oil


Flax salt and pepper

Place the beef slices over plates. Spread chopped pistachio kernels, parmesan and basil leaves over. When serving, sprinkle over some good olive oil and a viscous balsamic vinegar. Finally, the dish has a sprinkle of freshly ground salt or flaxseed salt and pepper.

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