Deer stew

Deer casserole tastes delicious. I serve it with boiled pearl potatoes or almond potatoes next to it, but if you want, you can split the potatoes and put them in the pot for the last half hour. This recipe is suitable for 4-5 people.

200 g mushrooms. It tastes best with chanterelles, but if it is out of season, you can use aroma or mushroom.

Butter for frying

4 onions in strips

1 kg of diced deer (e.g. pound meat, round beef or another piece of meat, preferably from the front).

1 large can of cream

50 g brown cheese

3 tablespoons game fund

2 bay leaves

10 crushed junipers

1 ts pepper

12 diced potatoes, preferably hard-boiled

8 diced carrots

1/2 celery root in cubes

4 parsley roots in cubes

Salt and pepper

Start by shredding and frying mushrooms in butter. Add the onion and let it fry until the onion gains color. Take the mushrooms and onions out of the pot, add more butter and the first part of the meat. It is important to fry the meat in several batches, so it will be browned and not just boiled. Brown the meat well and when all the meat is cooked, put all the meat in the pot, add the mushrooms and onions again and enough cream, that it just covers the meat. Add brown cheese, funds, laurel, juniper berries and pepper. Let it cook for a minimum of 2 hours, taste if the meat is tender, if not it can cook even a little more. Towards the end of the cooking time, carrots, diced celery root, parsley roots and possibly potatoes are added. Season the deer casserole with salt and pepper.

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