Wicker wreath - an airy and tasty one

Wicker wreath is a beautiful yeast cake, where the filling can be varied according to what you want. This recipe gives a delicious and airy wicker with vanilla filling. It's smart to let the yeast rise for a long time, so do not let yourself be limited by the rising time I have suggested.

5 dl helmelk

100 g smeltet smør

50 g gjær

1 1/2 dl sukker

2 ts kardemomme

900 g hvetemel

1 ts bakepulver

Vanilla cream, either homemade or ready-made


Almond shavings

Knead together milk, butter, yeast, sugar, cardamom, flour and baking powder. Leave it to rise for 2 hours.

When it is finished raising, roll it out into a large rectangle of 20 x 100 cm. Spread on an even layer of vanilla cream (not on the last 2-3 cm of the ladle). Sprinkle with raisins and almond shavings before rolling it into a sausage. Place it in a circle on a baking sheet, before cutting diagonally into the sausage and folding the ears you get to each side.

Let the wreath rise for another 2 hours, before baking it in the oven at 200 degrees until it is cooked through, golden and fine (approx. 20 minutes).

Brush it with a mixture of 1 beaten egg and 2 tablespoons milk right after taking it out of the oven.

Drizzle over some icing sugar mixed with water before serving.

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