Pasta Alfredo with chicken

Pasta Alfredo with chicken is tasty and easy to make. Pasta Alfredo is one of the simplest Italian pasta dishes and is often used as an appetizer. Since I have used chicken as well, it is well suited as a main course.

The chicken:

400 g chicken fillet in strips

Salt and pepper

Fry the chicken fillets in oil until they are cooked through but still juicy. Season them with salt and pepper.

Pasta Alfredo:

3 dl freshly grated parmesan

125 g butter

Pasta for 4 people.

Pepper to taste

Basil leaves and parmesan for serving

Cook the pasta al dente in a large pot of water and salt.

Whisk together half of the butter, half of the Parmesan cheese and 5 tablespoons of hot pasta water over medium heat, so the mixture becomes creamy. Add the grated pasta, and 5 more tablespoons of hot pasta water, the chicken, the rest of the butter and parmesan cheese, mix gently on low heat (for about 1 minute) and serve immediately, sprinkling with parmesan, basil and freshly ground pepper.




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