Homemade shrimp salad

Homemade prawn salad is perfect to make after you have served fresh prawns. I peel them as soon as we have eaten and sometimes I freeze them for e.g. fish soup later. Other times I make a delicious shrimp salad, which tastes much better than ready-made and which always disappears during the next breakfast. The best thing about homemade prawn salad is that it actually contains prawns and not just some for decoration on top.

4 dl pre-cleaned shrimp

1 bag of mayonnaise

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

Slightly chopped herbs (dill, chives or parsley)

Lemon juice


Mix everything and season with lemon juice and pepper.

Homemade shrimp salad tastes good together with e.g. fish pudding and smoked salmon too, or try it together with sausage in bread/loaf.

Homemade shrimp salad

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