Pizza on the grill

Pizza fried on the grill tastes very similar to the Italian stone oven pizza. It's not difficult at all. You only need one pizza stone, which you can buy in, for example, hardware stores.

Make a pizza base in the usual way. You can find the recipe HERE .

The pizza base is rolled out as usual, but it is important to divide the dough into several parts, so that the finished base does not come outside the pizza stone. This means that a regular pizza base recipe turns into three to four pizzas.

The pizza stone must be on the grill during heating. When you are going to bake, sprinkle a light layer of flour on the pizza stone, before laying the bottom up. When the bottom is ready on the underside (it takes a very short time, so be careful), take it out of the grill and turn it over on a baking paper. It is not until this time that the pizza filling is put on. Here I have used pizza sauce, cheese, pineapple, onions, mushrooms, cooked ham and peppers. You can of course use what you want.

When the filling is applied, the pizza is placed back on the pizza stone and finished baking. Again, it goes very fast, so make sure it is not burned underneath. Garnish with, for example, basil.


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