Lamb dough kebab

Lamb dough kebabs are more than what you can buy in Norwegian street kitchens. Try making it yourself and get a completely different experience. It's not a lot of work and it tastes so much, much better.

1/2 kg lamb dough (or chop)

2 egg

1 tablespoon kebab seasoning

2 teaspoons mint

1 ts pepper

Knead everything well together and fry a small sample bowl in a frying pan, to know if it needs more spices. Wrap the dough around barbecue skewers, approx. 200 g on each and place them on the grill. Once they have a nice color on the underside, you can turn them over and finish grilling them.

The kebab can be served with a fresh salad and the desired dressing, perhaps cacik, which is Turkey's answer to tzatziki:

1/2 garlic clove

250 ml yoghurt

1 teaspoon dried mint

150 g cucumber, peeled and finely chopped


Mash garlic clove with a little salt in a mortar. Mix yogurt, garlic and mint in a bowl. Turn the cucumber over and season with salt.

If you want pita for your kebab, you can buy half-baked, or do like me, make them yourself. You can find the recipe HERE .

Lamb dough kebab
Lamb dough kebab

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