Fish soup with self-fished catch at the cabin

There is nothing that tastes much better than fish soup made from self-fished catch. We think this soup tastes absolutely fantastic and you can of course make it with fish from the fish counter.

1 finely chopped onion

2 tablespoons butter

1 clove finely chopped garlic

2 large carrots in tiny cubes

2 white beets in tiny cubes

1/4 celery root in tiny cubes

1 parsley root in tiny cubes

2 dl white wine, a little sweet, e.g. Riesling

The juice of 1/2 lime

3 dl good fishing power

1/2 fennel in tiny cubes

1/2 finely chopped leek

1 tassel finely chopped parsley

1/2 ts saffron

1 teaspoon fish seasoning

7 dl cream

600 g white fish in cubes (eg saithe and cod)

250 g mussels

200 g peeled shrimp

Fry the onion and garlic shiny in butter. Add white wine and cook until half done. Add spices, lime, fish stock and cream. Add the vegetables and let it simmer until tender. Add the fish and mussels. Let it soak until the mussels open. Add parsley and shrimp and taste if necessary. to with salt and pepper.

Served with good bread.

If you want a lighter soup, you can replace the cream with milk, but then it may be okay to smooth it with a little cornstarch.