Corn tortillas taste good with tacos and they are not difficult to make yourself. We have a tortilla press, but you can squeeze them flat in plastic, under a pot. You can buy the masa harinamelet in well-stocked stores and online. The blue flour is not so common in Norway, but is considered more exclusive in the tortilla's homeland.

300 g of flour

Ca. 3 dl sale

1/4 ts salt

1 teaspoon potato flour

Mix flour and salt with water until you have a smooth, fine mass that neither sticks nor is too dry. It is correct when you can shape a lump of dough into a ball between your hands without it cracking. Leave the dough for a few minutes and adjust with water if necessary. The amount of water depends on how dry the flour is.

Roll small balls of the whole dough, about 50 grams per piece gives ten centimeters large tortillas.

Place the balls under a damp towel. Heat a frying pan or a griddle just below maximum heat. Press the balls as thinly as possible between two layers of plastic or baking paper in a tortilla press or under a heavy saucepan.

Corn tortillas are quickly fried on each side. They will puff up a bit and then they are done.

Stack the tortillas in a kitchen towel to keep warm. They can be frozen and placed in aluminum foil if you want to make many and use another time.

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