Deer burger with delicious accessories

Deer burger is a delicacy. We have just got hold of half a deer and have butchered and ground it to the best of our ability, so now there is a lot of delicious meat in the freezer. I've never made deer burgers before, but it sure turned out good. If you can't get hold of venison mince, you can use moose, or regular meat patty.

1 kg ground venison

1,5 ts salt

1/2 ts pepper

1 tablespoon game seasoning

1/2 dl farris

butter for frying / grilling

Knead together all the ingredients. If you use pre-purchased game seasoning, you may not need additional salt.

Form the dough into burgers and fry them in butter in the pan or place them on the grill. If you grill them, put a dab of butter on each burger. This is because the dough is very lean and can be left to dry.

When the burgers are done cooking on one side, they are turned over and given a well-stored slice of cheese on top, which can melt down the burger and make it extra good.

The burger is served with home-baked, coarse burger bread, which you can find the recipe for HERE .

Of course, you can also use fine burgers .

In addition, I have home-grown tomatoes, salad from my own garden and fried self-picked chanterelles. You can also buy in the store, if you are not confident in self-picking.

I have served the burger with baked pearl potatoes, which you can find the recipe for HERE .

and cranberry sour cream, which you can find the recipe for HERE .

I have decorated with some radish sprouts, which taste mild of radish.

With this accessory, the good taste of deer does not disappear, so I recommend this rather than burger dressing etc.

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