Raclette is a French/Swiss dish, named after the cheese that is melted and poured over the food. You use a special raclette iron (raclette grill), where the desired meat and vegetables are roasted on a plate on top and the cheese is melted in small shapes underneath.

You can use one kind of meat, or several different ones. The most common are cattle, pork, lamb and chicken. The vegetables can e.g. be delicatessen onions, peppers, tomatoes and squash.

The nice thing is that you divide everything into suitable pieces beforehand and put it in different bowls, so that everyone can cook their own food.

I prefer to serve raclette with oven-baked pearl potatoes or boat potatoes, but if you prefer boiled potatoes, that's perfectly fine.

There is a separate raclette seasoning, which may resemble barbecue seasoning, but you can use whatever seasoning you want.

If you want, you can use one or more sauces in addition to melted cheese.

It tastes good with some fresh salad and small pickles. Raclette is sociable and pleasant to eat with several people and if you haven't tried it, I can recommend this delicious food from the Alps.


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