Duck breast sous vide with port wine sauce

This duck recipe gives a beautiful result. You start by making a lake. Boil 2.5 dl water 50 g salt, 100 g sugar, 2 g crushed coriander seeds, 10 g crushed peppercorns, 1 bay leaf and 2 cloves garlic. When all the sugar and salt have dissolved, take it off the plate, pour in 7.5 dl more water and set it cold. When the sheets are completely cold, put them in the duck breasts and let them enjoy themselves there for 4 hours, before you pick them up and draw a nice pattern in the skin. Vacuum the breasts and place them in sous vide at 58 degrees for 1.5 hours.

Take them up and give them a go on the grill, so they turn deliciously brown and get crunchy crispy skin. Let the duck rest a bit before slicing.

I serve the duck with beans, red onion compote and port wine sauce, which I make while the duck is in sous vide. The sauce consists of 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic and 1 carrot in small cubes, which I fry in butter, before I add 2 dl port wine and let it boil a little. Then I add 1/4 bottle of veal stock and 5 dl of cream. I cook it until it thickens, strain off the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and add a little butter, so that it is extra shiny when I serve.

The recipe for red onion compote can be found here.

Even if you do not have sous vide, you can use the same sheet. When the duck has eaten in the brine for 4 hours, take it up, dry it well, grind the skin and brown it on all sides in a frying pan with butter, before you put it in a refractory form and fry it in the oven at 180 degrees until it has reached a core temperature of 62 degrees.