Japanese fish soup

I am often in Tollbugata in Drammen. There are several exciting grocery stores, with food from many Asian countries. I always buy ingredients I have never seen before and the task when I get home is to find out what I will use them for. It's always just as exciting, not always as successful, but usually it's good.
This time I have among other things bought these two products:

After a round on the internet, I found out that I wanted to use them for a fish soup with tofu.


2 beaten eggs

2 tablespoons water

Salt and pepper

Mix everything and fry in a large pan, so it becomes thin and fine.


2 shredded onions

1 pk shitakesopp

1 fl. sukiyakisaus

1 fl. yakinikusaus

5 dl water

3 shredded spring onions

1 pk tofu diced

300 g cod fillet in cubes

1 pk fresh bean sprouts

Omelette in strips

Fresthe onion in a saucepan until shiny. Add shitake mushrooms, sukiyaki sauce, yakini sauce and water. Let it cook for a few minutes before adding spring onions, tofu and cod. Let it soak until the fish is ready.

Serve with fresh bean sprouts and striped omelette.

This was a really good and tasty soup, which I can recommend. We will definitely make it again.