Grilled halibut with exciting accessories

Halibut is a wonderful fish. A halibut chop is perfect for people who cannot stand bones, since the bone is in the middle of the chop and is easy to remove. This variant is allowed to lie in brine and enjoy itself, before being placed on the grill. The accessories taste so good, that you will not miss the sauce.

Make brine of 1/2 ltr. water and 40 g of salt, which are stirred together until the salt is dissolved. Add 1 bay leaf and place the halibut slices in the brine for 15 minutes.

Take the halibut off the brine and dry it well. Grease the halibut with olive oil and garlic from a tube. Sprinkle on Santa Maria's Seafood & Fish Spices and grill the halibut for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Serve the halibut with truffle and bacon mashed potatoes, which you can find a recipe for HERE .

and butter-steamed vegetables, which you can find the recipe for HERE .

Garnish with dill and limes.

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