Shrimp cocktail with stitches

This is a little twist on an old hit. It tastes best with fresh shrimp, but if you do not have access to it, you can use frozen, or for emergencies, from the lake, but then I would rinse them in cold water and dry them, before use.

1 bag of mayonnaise

1 ss ketchup

1 tablespoon coarse mustard

1 ss worcestersaus

1 ss cognac

300 g peeled shrimp

Season with pepper and a little cayenne pepper

Mix everything together.

1/2 cucumber into small cubes

1/2 pepper in small cubes

A little iceberg lettuce

Put iceberg lettuce in the bottom of portion forms, place the shrimp salad on top. Finally add cucumber, paprika and garnish with a parsley.

Served with something with crunch, e.g. biscuit.