Mustard herring with green apples

Mustard herring can be served as a good side dish for Christmas breakfast, for a cold table or for a herring table. If you haven't found your favorite herring yet, this could be the one you've been waiting for.

300 g sursild

1 green apple

1 onion

3 tablespoons dill, fresh

6 tablespoons coarse mustard

1.5 tablespoons sugar

1.5 tbsp 7% vinegar

0.75 dl rapeseed oil

6 tablespoons sour cream

Salt and pepper

Take the herring pieces out of the sheet, place on paper towels and let them drain. Cut apple and onion into pieces, and finely chop dill.

Mix together dill, mustard, sugar, vinegar, sunflower oil and sour cream. Taste the sauce with salt and pepper, possibly a little sugar and vinegar. Mix the apple and onion pieces into the sauce.

Place the herring and sauce in layers in a glass or jar, and put the lid on. Let the mustard herring soak for a couple of days in the fridge before eating.

Mustard herring with green apples
Mustard herring with green apples

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