Lam and tortilla

Lamb in tortilla is a good and easy dish, which is easy to make, if you are going to use up the rest of the lamb thigh / roast. You can also use shredded everyday lamb or other shredded meat from the meat counter. This recipe is enough for 4 large lefser.

500 g of meat from the leg of lamb, shredded into strips

8 tablespoons BBQ sauce, preferably Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory

1/2 dl water

Mix everything in a saucepan. Put on low heat until thoroughly heated. Put in lefser together with diced lettuce, cucumber and tomato and finely chopped red onion.

If you want other flavors, you can, for example, serve lamb in tortilla with coleslaw, raita or tzatziki.

You can find the recipe for coleslaw HERE .

Recipe for tzatziki can be found HERE

and HERE is the recipe for raita.


Lam and tortilla
Lam and tortilla

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