Nepal's food is more than rice and lentils. When they serve these two main ingredients either in a restaurant or at home, you get seasonal vegetable and meat curries, such as spinach, potato, mushroom, chicken or buffalo. In addition, you get a salad, pickles, papadams and curd. It is a healthy and satisfying meal and a source of national pride.

Dhido is the most popular food in the countryside, it consists of corn flour or millet flour and is a type of simple flour pudding.

Kinema is an unsalted soy dish from the eastern hills of Nepal. It has a pungent smell of ammonia, slimy texture and short shelf life.

Khatte is the most popular breakfast in the hilly areas of Nepal. It is made from brown rice, which is soaked overnight, dried and fried.

Khir (milk pudding) and Dhakane are sweet breakfast and snack dishes prepared from rice and milk. Puwa is the traditional sweet and is made from rice.

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