Shrimp cocktail with stitches and avocado cream

This appetizer is one of my favorites. If you think it gets a little too strong, you can reduce the amount of chili, but the avocado cream rounds off the stitch from the chili.

1/2 finely chopped pepper

2 finely chopped red chilies

1 finely chopped spring onion

1 mango in small cubes

1 lime, only the juice

1 handful of finely chopped coriander

200 g peeled shrimp

Mix together paprika, chili, spring onion, mango, lime juice, coriander and shrimp. Divide the mixture into 4 portion forms.

Avocado cream:

1 avokado

1 lime, only the juice

2 teaspoons honey

2 tablespoons cream

Mix everything and run evenly in a hand mixer, pour into a foam bottle and spray on top of each bowl. If you do not have spuma, you can put it on with a tablespoon.

Sprinkle with a little crushed spelled and honey crispbread from Sigdal Bakery or something else crispy and good. Garnish with fresh coriander and a couple of chives.